Fukushima tree


> Fukushima tree – the mime performance and piano concert commemorating tsunami of 2011
> Ko-Ta Ishihara – composer and pianist
> Yumi Sato – mime actress
> Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska – dancer, actress, director and choreographer
> Organizers and sponsors of the Fukushima tree

> Early rehearsal
Fukushima tree - early rehearsal

> Last rehearsal
Fukushima tree - last rehearsal

> Premiere
Fukushima tree - premiere

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Fukushima tree – the mime performance and piano concert commemorating tsunami of 2011

We are pleased to invite for the first event of Japanese Program within European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. The Program is organized by Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI in cooperation with Impart Wroclaw 2016 with support of the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee..

March 11th 07:00 - 08:30 p.m.
Impart, 17th Mazowiecka str, 50-412 Wrocław

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Direction and choreography – Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska
Original music and piano accompaniment – Ko-Ta Ishihara

Yumi Sato as the Jazz Singer
Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska - Protective Spirit
Ko-Ta Ishihara - Beloved

Stage performance – about. 20 minutes
Piano concert – about. 40 minutes

Initial Fukushima tree has been performed by two Japanese artist from Tōhoku - actress Yumi Sato and pianist Ko-Ta Ishihara. They created a short study inspired by the sole pine tree which survived the cataclysm. In 2015 Yumi Sato arrived to Wroclaw to improve her stage technique at workshops organized by Fundacja Pantomima conducted by Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska, former actress of the famous Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy Henryka Tomaszewskiego.
The meeting gave further impulse of creating new performance in international collaboration of the three artist.
Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska has created new story, direction and choreography.
Yumi Sato is starring as the main character of Jazz Singer, Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska as Protective Spirit , and Ko-Ta Ishihara playing his music live, will also appear as Beloved Man.
Traditional culture was consulted by Yumi's mother, a tea ceremony master.

Stage performance
The main character is a jazz singer who recalls last meeting with her beloved friend. The memories are interrupted by tsunami. Unexpected rescue comes by Protective Spirit of Ancestry who shows how tradition can help restore the will to live.

Piano concert
Ko-Ta Ishihara will play parts of his new album –「Meikyo-shisui」dedicated to the victims of 2011's tsunami.

Let's sing together
After the concert artists will encourage the audience to sing "Sakura sakura" – traditional Japanese song. You will find the text printed on tickets.
For those who are impatient ora just want to be well prepared here is the text in romaji:

sakura sakura
noyama mo sato mo
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
asahi ni niou
sakura sakura

sakura sakura
yayoi no sora wa
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
nioi zo izuru
izaya izaya
mini yukan

Tickets are available just before the performence.
– 20 zl per person
– 10 zl for youth and children

Reservation and information at NAMI Foundation
Contact us by email:
Grażyna Pogorzelska – grazyna.pogorzelska@fundacja-nami.pl

Ko-Ta Ishihara – composer and pianist
Ko-Ta Ishihara

Started piano playing when he was 4 years old and later decided to devote both to agricultural science and music art. He studied jazz and music arrangement and started to perform concerts which cannot be classified to a strict music genre. In last few years he added to the piano traditional Japanese instrument – koto and started to connect music with dance and mime art.

In Wroclaw Ko–To Ishihara will play pieces from his last album 「Meikyo-shisui」.

One of his compositions – "Snow Queen" is available here:

More information about works of Ko-Ta Ishihara (in Japanese) on his officila website

Yumi Sato – mime actress
Yumi Sato

Yumi Sato was born in Shirakawa city, Fukushima Prefecture. She started her theater activities in high school.
In 1999 decided to abondon theater based on dialogue and fully devote herself to mime acting. In 2013 the International Theatre Festival, which was held in Tokyo, announced her solo work based on the miracle of solitary pine tree and theme of the tree of life.
In 2015 Yumi Sato moved to Poland to become acquainted with the Polish scenic tradition which is very interesting in the city of Wroclaw. She started to exercise with the group continuing traditions of Grotowski’s "Teatr Laboratorium" and finally found her place within the group of "Fundacja Pantomima" (Mime Foundation) conducted by Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska.

More information about works of Yumi Sato (not only in Japanese) on her blog
Information about the stage perfermonaces (in Japanese only) on Yumi Sato's official website

Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska – dancer, actress, director and choreographer
Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska

She graduated Warszawska Szkoła Baletowa im. Rozmana Turczynowicza (Warsow Ballet School) and performed in many theatres in Poland and abroad practicing all style of dance: in classical repertoire, modern, musicals and in dramatic plays exploring advanced stage movement.
For many years associated with Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre), the team of Januszaa Józefowicz and broadway-style team of the "Metro" musical in Teatr Dramatyczny (Dramatic Theatre) in Warsaw, "Minskoff Theater" in New York, "Studio Buffo", and as the guest in musicals team of „Fanthom der Opera“ in Germany, „Cirkus Conelli Show“ in Switzerland, Revue in Japan, and theatres "Studio", "Ateneum", "Polski", "Dramatyczny", "Na Woli" in Warsaw and "Współczesny", "Polski", "Kameralny" in Wroclaw.

For many years mime actress in the team of Henryk Tomaszewski.
1999-2013 associated with Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy. Starring solo or in team, co-writer of screenplays and spectacles.
From 2001 up today working as the TV screenplay writer and choreographer
From 2006 conducts theatre workshops developing awareness of the body and meaning of movement in building stage characters in the work of dancer, actor or any stage artist.
From 1999 started teaching Yoga and conducts workshops of personal development "Sztuka Oddechu" (The art of breath) and "Eternity process" in the Art of Living Foundation.

Some information about work of Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska with the group including Yumi Sato on the site of the Fundacja Pantomima

Organizers and sponsors of the Fukushima tree
Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI

Polish–Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI | ポーランド日本親善友好財団 波
65 Legnicka str, 54-206 Wrocław POLAND
Overseas donations (EURO): IBAN PL 06 2030 0045 3110 0000 0027 1410, SWIFT CORD: GOPZPLPW
e-mail: kontakt@fundacja-nami.pl

– Grażyna Pogorzelska: grazyna.pogorzelska@fundacja-nami.pl, tel. (+48) 784 694 592
– Maciej Pogorzelski: maciej.pogorzelski@fundacja-nami.pl, tel. (+48) 502 796 050

Biuro Festiwalowe Imprat 2016
tel. 71 344 28 16
ul. Mazowiecka 17
50-412 Wrocław

– Katarzyna Młyńczak-Sachs

The performance was created as a part of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 with the support of EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.

Fukushima tree